Here you can read about SHMH Cute Lady Gianna in English


Gianna is a sweetheart from the first day she was born.

She is gorgeous, extremely feminine and a graceful mover. This little girl is built very correct, a quick learner and in your pocket friendly. She loves to be around people and is everybodies darling. 

Her father is the beautiful stallion EMMH Magic Romeo from Elke Mattevi-Müller in Austria. I like the character of this stallion, his beauty and his bloodlines. In Romeos and Colleens pedigree you can find the Triple S bloodlines. So Gianna carries from her sire and dam the old Midwest bloodlines of the legendary Red Correll, a stallion with totally correct conformation, stamina and soundness. 

When little Gianna was six weeks old she chose her new owner and we think she will be a dreamhorse for Lena. It wasn't easy for us to let her go, but we know that this little girl has found a wonderful home where she is loved from the whole family. 

I think Gianna will grow into a very beautiful and special mare. In a few years Lena will train her in western riding and we look forward how she will develop. 


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Extended pedigree


 Gianna hat mit 4 Jahren viel Ausdruck bekommen - Oktober 2022
Gianna hat mit 4 Jahren viel Ausdruck bekommen - Oktober 2022